• Welcome to Magomechaya Guesthouse. 
  • This is the front door of Magomechaya Guesthouse.
  • The rooms of Magomechaya Guesthouse are all air conditioned and fully equipped but not entirely air conditioned.
  • In winter time since the altitude is high, when you step outside the room please acknowledge that it is cold. 
  • Not just like in the Urban area Summer time here in Magome is kind a cool,relaxing and refreshing as there are lot of trees surrounded.
  • Communal bathroom and toilet for men and women.
  • There is no private toilet and bathroom in every rooms.
  • Dinner serves in Magomechaya restaurants across the street of the Main Guesthouse.
  • One house away going uphill you can see and visit the Toson Memorial Meseum and it opens from 9:00am to 5:00pm.
  • Vehicles are not allowed to enter the  Nakasendo road during the day as this is exclusively only for the hikers and for only tourists guests who wants to see the beautiful surroundings of Magome.


  • Entrance of Magomechaya Guesthouse.
  • When you arrive at the entrance of the Guesthouse,buzzer place at the corner of the entrance. 
  • Just press the buzzer to call the attention of the staff and the staff immediately attends the guest/s.


  •  Looking to the right, there is a shared lobby space with vending   machines .
  •  Smoking are not allowed  inside the room or inside the Guesthouse  as guesthouse are made of woods or made of light materials that   easy to burn.Fire hazard will detect if someone smoke inside of       the Guesthouse. 
  •  For smokers ashtray place outside near the entance door.
  •  There is a guitar that the guest can freely use it.


  • This is the corridor on the first floor.
  • From the entrance you can see straight till the end of the corridor the view of the Mountain Ena with the height of 2191m.




  • You can sit and relax on this place,chatting,drinking hot tea with your family and friends.The guest/s also can play the guitar while others are listening.
  • The buddhist altar also placed in the corner of the lounge.





  • Guest/s can use this small kitchen if they want to have a hot tea.
  • The other guests who dont have a reservation for dinner could also use this kitchen for the preparation of their food.



    .This is a communal bathroom which is seperately for Men and Women. .There are 3 faucets each of the bathroom. Towels,Shampoo,Conditioner and Body wash are available.The size of the bathtub is about 160cm in lenght  90cm width  and 60cm depth.




  • 2 – laundry machines are available and guest/s can use this anytime.Foreign guest/s travelling for so long oftenly use this area. 
  • This is not an automatic coin operated not unlike other launderette.
  • Washing is 200 yen. 


  • Wifi is available.
  • We have 13-rooms available.
  • Two big 10-tatami mat rooms (can accomodate 1-5 people).
  • Five 8-tatami mat rooms (can accomodate 1-4 people).
  • Six 6-tatami mat rooms (can accomodate 1-2 people). 



This is 8-tatami room.

On this room you can see from inside the Nakasendo road. 


This is the long corridor with rooms both sides.



6 tatami room


10 tatami 

This is the way how to lay the futon. 


  • The Guest/s will be the one make their own bed.
  • All futon beds,bed sheets,quilt cover place inside the cabinets.
  • Inside the rooms theres an available yukata or japanese dress that guest/s could wear it inside and out of the guesthouse. Small towels,toothbrush are also available just ask to the staff if needed. No smoking inside the room as the smell will not be taken immediately when it spread it inside the room and also in the futon bed,also the building are made of light material so we are not allow to smoke inside,if the guest/s will smoke the fire hazzrad definitely alarm. 



Communal toilets and washrooms for men and women. 

The toilet/washrooms for men and women are seperate. 

  • 2-mens urinals, 2-mens toilets  with 2 wash basins on the 2nd floor
  • 3-womens toilets and 2 wash basins on the 2nd floor. 
  • 2-mens urinals, 1-men toilet with 2 wash basins on the 1st floor. 
  • 3-women toilets with 2 wash basins on the 1st floor.






Parking Lot: 

Parking space are always available: 

10-12 cars can be park. 

Please click the link for the google map going here from Ochiai to Magome by car.Also we advice not to use the car navigation when coming here as sometimes the car navigation are not updated especially when the car navigation are too old and  will teach you the wrong direction and the passenger will be lost,if its possible please use the smartphone for the easy access.

But if you only have a car navigator and no smartphone please put the new telephone number 0573-69-2038.  





  • Access from Shinjuku station becomes Nagano prefecture route.
  • Shinjuku station ← | → Central main line JR ← | → Shiojiri station ← | → Central main line JR ← | → Nakatsugawa station or Nankiso station ← | → bus / taxi ← | → Ma Gap Inn
  • If you use the Shinkansen, you will pass through Nagoya, so please use here if you are in the Kansai area.
  • Tokyo Station ← | → Tokaido Shinkansen ← | → Nagoya Station ← | → Central Main Line JR ← | → Nakatsugawa Station ← | → Bus / Taxi ← | → Ma Gap Inn


Express bus

  • There is a Central Highway near in the vicinity of Magomejuku. 
  • If the guest/s are from tokyo or nagoya highway, the bus will stop at Misaka parking area. From Misaka parking area the guests can walk from parking are to magomejuku for 15 mins. to 20mins. 
  • JR Tokai Bus
  • Meitetsu & Shinan Traffic “Nagoya / Iida · Ina line”
  • Nagoya ← | → Chuo Road Baba ← | → Iida
  • Nagoya ← | → Chuo Road Baba ← | → Ina · Minowa
  • Nagoya / Iida · Ina line “From here the timetable
  • Shinan Traffic
  • Meitetsu bus



Dinner Meal: 

This is the example of dinner meal. 

Dinner meal depends on the season. 

Dinner serves exactly at 18:00o`clock ends at 19:00o`clock. 

Breakfast serves exactly at 7:30am. 

Dinning area across the street of the Main Guesthouse. 





The left is the inn and the right is the meal.

Online reservation of Magomechaya Guesthouse 


 vacant room confirmation reservation system

This reservation method has become a very convenient system that you can check your vacant rooms yourself and secure your room. However, there are troubles such as reply mail not reaching, so please. There is work to confirm e-mail address after entering reservation step. This is a confirmation as to whether the mail sent to you from Magome Tea Shop will arrive, so please be sure to go. And would reserve without confirmation of whether the e-mail arrives, the reservation to have not received the e-mail to the customer is gone established, at a later -show cancellation fee 100% of the claims will become a . Although it is a convenient system, we also check vacant rooms with this system at the time of customer inquiries by telephone or e-mail, so please handle the reservation with full responsibility.

 reservation system

Telephone reservation  0573-69-2038

  • For the guest/s who wants to make a reservation by phone calls or have some inquiries please understand that there are times that we cannot attend your calls as we are probably not around in the area.
  • If you want or wish to have a reservation with us please go thru our reservation system for the booking. 

FAX  0573-69-2648

  • We also accept fax reservation. 


  • Dinner price per person is JPY 3,240.
  • Breakfast price per person is JPY 1,080. 
  • Prices of meals will subject to change this coming fall season 2019. 

About inquiries

The following e-mail address is an inquiry.



Tourist information around Magome



  • Magomejuku is a small post town of Nakasendo road and one of famous town in edo period. it is having a 600 meters from down to bottom.
  • Old houses are main in here which well preserved from edo period,small inns,souvenir shops that sell the local products,restaurants offering soba noodle and others.
  •  Magomejuku to Tsumagojuku  are very popular with those who like hiking. It is popular especially for foreigners  nature`s lovers and interested to the old history of it.
  • Magomejuku to Tsumagojuku hike takes about 3 hrs. 


  • June-Firefly 
  • August-Nagashi soumen (Noodles with a very thin size flow in a long bamboo flume with very cold and clear water running through it and its famous in summer here in japan.
  • November- Autumn leaves festival and Princess Women’s Kyoto matrix



Tsumajojuku Is a post town next to Magomejuku. 

Tsumagojuku is also know as one of the post town in Nakasendo that the building and houses are well preserved.  

There are 69 post towns in Nakasendo during edo period which well preserved until now. Magomejuku and Tsumagojuku are 43rd and 44th post town. 


  • Magome is also part of Kiso Road, but there are 11 station towns in about 80 km. Sakawa inn, Yubaru inn, Nara Inu, Miyanojojuku, Fukushima inn, Uematsu inn, Suwara inn, Nojiri inn, Mitsui homeless, wife bodakjob, Magokono inn, especially Magome Budo, Wife Hostel, Nara Inui As we value the landscape, there are many tourists.

Opening hours of surrounding souvenirs and souvenirs

  • It depends on each souvenir and san.
  • The souvenir shop is almost the same as the opening hours of the Fujimura Memorial Hall.
  • Golden Week · Summer Vacation During the holidays during the autumn leaves season, it may be open until the evening.

A neighbor dining room

  • There is almost no business at noon
  • Haginoya is having dinner in Maba inn . (Reservations are required)
  • Because it is in the mountains, please think that there is no dining room like a family like family.
  • Reference · When locals eat out, they drive by car to Nakatsugawa city. It is approximately 15 minutes by car to the city center of Nakatsugawa, and the city area of ​​Ena is about 25 minutes by car.

At the time of opening of Fujimura Memorial Hall

  • Around 9 o’clock pm to 4 p.m.

fire Fly

  • Holding a Magome firefly festival in the middle of June
  • In June, fireflies begin to fly in rivers and rice fields. Genji Firefly (big firefly) can be seen from the end of June, about two weeks from a little earlier, from the end of June to the end of August for Heike firefly (small firefly).
  • A firefly festival will be held around mid-June.
  • Firefly funny information … If you put a car hazard near a rice paddy with a small firefly on the evening of a fine weather day in July, you can experience a great experience. If you do not mind, please try it. We are looking forward to what will happen! ! ! ! !

Star watching

  • I can see many beautiful stars in a sunny night sky. Because the altitude is 600 meters, the sky is near, especially when it is after rain, it looks so beautiful.

Beetle and stag beetle

  • In the summer, we can collect beetles and stag beetle. It is not easy to find it, but there are times when you find a tree that sap out in the day and you can go to see the tree at night. There is a secret place ….
  • Recently, I can find it on Budd mountain. There used to be no old days, I wonder if the mountain has become rough or because it is because the child did not take it, I do not quite understand it!


  • Nakatsu River is familiar with chestnut kinton, cultivation of chestnuts is also prosperous, there are places where you can pick up chestnuts. For details, it may be good to ask the tourist office in Nakatsugawa, the tourist department of the city office in Nakatsugawa, JA Hashimi in agriculture.

morning walk

  • The back street of Magome Inn is nature full of history and nature walking course.

Kua Resort Yuzawa

  • It is a hot spring located about 5 minutes by car from Magome. Hot spring, pool, Jacuzzi, sliding pool, outdoor bath, sauna, restaurant. . . Such
    is the place likely various and enjoy.

Woodworking, lacquerware

  • There are good things such as woodwork and lacquerware.

Aji Valley

  • The river is somehow colored in emerald green, and the transparency is wonderful.

Kaeda Kogen

  • It is a plateau with an altitude of 1000 meters or more. Kiso horse farm and the side of Kaida are famous.


  • Very beautiful water is flowing and there are many campgrounds.

Gero hot spring

  • It is a famous Gero Onsen.


  • Also called Hida Takayama. It takes about 3 hours by car.


  • Matsumoto Castle is beautiful. Great. It is located in Matsumoto-shi, Nagano Prefecture.

– – Notes Notes

  • Although guest room is air-conditioned, there is no air conditioning in the whole building.
  • There is no hot spring.
  • Because of the rule of the majestic, the installation of the signboards has to be minimized on the landscape, so it 
    is difficult to find the guide to the parking lot.
  • Because we are doing it with a small number of family members, people do not always stand by at the bank, so if you are going to stay at the 
    hotel, you will be called at the entrance ping pong.
  • Guest room There is no soundproofing so you can hear the voice and sounds outside the room.
  • You must keep quiet after 21 o’clock so as not to bother other customers.
  • Because the staff are country guards and foreigners, we can not respond with courteous elegant Japanese.
  • The time of meal is decided. Dinner is at 6:00 pm and ends at 19:00.
  • It is unsuitable for those who want to drink more than an hour at mealtime.
  • Breakfast 7: 30 Cluster 8: 00 is over
  • I think that there is a place where you can have dinner and breakfast without reservation in Magome Inn.
  • There is a convenience store for the horse mackerel, but it is open around 10 o’clock and it is closed around 18 o’clock.

reservation system